I marvel at how absurd life can be…

These days my own life seems to be full of hilarious puns or LOL moments. But you know I just ‘plod’ on, take things one ‘step’ at a time. That kind of thing – in my situation it’s easy for others to ‘put their foot in it’. Like the other day when I was shopping, I tried some new shoes on and the girl attendant came over to help

“How do they feel?” she asked. “If only I could tell you…” I replied.

Good honest pun-fun, I’m like a child and find it constantly amusing. Life can be absurd in the moment, or it can take a while to unfold.

I recently took part in the UK leg of the Wings for Life WorldRun. A very cool running event that raises awareness and funds to help find a cure for spinal cord injury, so it’s a subject close to my heart. Well a few inches below that actually ;-)

The venue was Silverstone race circuit. I’ve ridden my bike there many times over the last 20 years, including the last time I ever rode, It is where I broke my back in 2013. Returning to Silverstone does give me butterflies, but I hadn’t worried about revisiting the scene of the crime too much. That said, I’d never considered the bizarre set of  circumstance I was about to be faced with.

I had just started the race and was pushing along with my wife running beside me, it was really good fun. The circuit is so smooth that I was finding the going pretty easy too, a lot easier than running.

I looked ahead to the next bend and realised our race route was taking us away from the proper circuit and directly towards the very spot where I crashed in 2013. I was now on an unexpected pilgrimage to where I’d damaged my spinal cord so badly that I’d never walk again, whilst runners streamed past me who were all there to help find a cure for spinal cord injury. An absurd moment.

Then I did something really weird…

I decided to document it by taking a photo? No wait, I asked my wife to take a photo. Yeah I asked my wife to take a photo of me mid race, parked ‘there’, whilst ‘that race’ went on.

I smiled for the camera. I am weird.

In hindsight it’s actually an amazing moment that I shall celebrate. If I ever needed physical evidence that people understand my story and want to help me, fix me even. And many others like me too. Then I only need to look at that photo and be thankful of the energy & effort on display at WorldRun.

On the way home me and Lisa laughed about the funny mid-race photo, at what a bizarre set of circumstances brought us to that moment. She turned on the radio as a song began, it was Ed Sheeran with his hit single Thinking Out Loud,

“When your legs don’t work like they used to before…”

Thanks Ed, right back to the moment by moment absurdity I like so much :-)

smile(Smile Weirdo)


3 thoughts on “Life Fantastic

  1. You never cease to amaze me Martyn!! You always have been an inspiration and you continue to be to this day, and no doubt will be forever to many others. I met you once. A fumbled nervous conversation as you would expect when you meet an absolute hero of yours. Meant nothing to you. But meant the absolute world to me. To be talking to the ‘legend’ Martyn Ashton. Anyway. Keep it up mate. You are friggin awesome. X

  2. You’re a true inspiration Martyn. Every situation has a funny side and it’s great that you see it, embrace it and tell others about it in the context of your injury. Keep up the great work raising awareness for people with spinal injuries.

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