Saving some keepers from the Bucket.

Many of us have an amazing list of things we want to achieve before we die. It is often referred to as our Bucket List. I wrote mine down today and it’s really exciting to see all those experiences laid out before me.

The problem with my Bucket List.  I have tons of excuses and diversions in my life that actually get in the way of me living life, and ticking things off that list.

So here’s what I did. I took a long hard look at the list I’d written down. I considered what on the list I could do now. Not tomorrow but now. What on that list could I commit myself to immediately? What could I sign-up to?, begin training for?, book tickets to? etc etc.

A list of 20 things to do before I Die was suddenly a list of three things I could be doing now.





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6 thoughts on “Saving some keepers from the Bucket.

  1. Those three become 2o you can do now.

    Riding a motorbike is not a one time deal, done in a day, no. Trackdays, touring, rideouts, friends, meet ups, spannering in the garage. Just as with bicycles, if you let them, they offer another way of life and an extended family.
    Enjoy -I binned mine in Summer and lack of funds means it will stay bent for a while.

  2. What a brilliantly inspiring notion. Since first encountering this blog and reading through the comments on twitter, I would really love to be able to share the #trybeforejuly concept with others.

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