Top Ten TB4Js

Here is a TOP TEN list of things that will enrich your life. It’s a mixed bunch that is packed full of adrenaline action, Trips away, Fitness ideas and things that will make amazing stories.

In no particular order…

1. Mountain Biking: Try A Trail Centre


Ok I said in no particular order, but Mountain Biking is my first love. It comes in many forms like Down Hill, Cross Country, Enduro, Trials riding and North Shore to name a few. If you haven’t ever tried Mountain Biking before then a Trail Centre is perfect way to get hooked. Venues like Bike Park Wales have incredible Trails to ride, and these routes cater for all ability levels too. You can hire bikes and equipment and enjoy a great coffee or bite to eat in the canteen after your ride. Trail Centres really are an awesome day out riding bikes. For more experienced Mountain Bikers that haven’t yet visited a Trail Centre, well it really is a must.

2. Fly Boarding: Use a jet powered board to (Marty Mc)Fly. 


Fly Boarding is an absolutely stunning innovation in water sports. The origins of this sport come from traditional Jet Skis but this trend takes things to another level. You will literally fly above the water as your jet propels you through carving turns and hovering stunts. Check out these cool UK locations to try it out.

3. A City Break: Paris, Barcelona or maybe Rome? Don’t waist another moment.


There is nothing like experiencing a new culture and city scape. Wine and dine in high-end restaurants or find the local haunts. Visit museums or take in a show. These vibrant hubs are crammed full of life experience and are sure to provide a trip crammed full of tales and memories. Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Prague – they are waiting to be discovered.

4. Tough Mudder: Take on a Herculean challenge with your mates.


These legendary events are all about team work, not winning. It’s an incredibly challenging course with obstacles that either freeze, splatter, electrocute or drain you. Every part of this unique event is designed to push you and your mates/colleagues to the limit. Every entrant gets a cool TM T-Shirt and the all important headband of proof.  The next UK event is May. You can see a full list of 2015 TM events HERE. Or if you fancy a more traditional running route then why not give the Wings For Life World Run a look. It is a great event for a cause very close to my heart.

5. Go Vegan: A nutrition plan that will challenge you, but give amazing results.

goveganYep laying off the Meat, Dairy and Eggs is proving a popular choice these days. It might not be the adrenaline junkie hit you thought I’d be suggesting but this will challenge your will power and make you question how we live today. But let’s not get all serious, it is really fun to try a change in your nutrition, and if you are looking to lose weight there simply isn’t an easier diet plan than Going Vegan. More info at GoVegan and also a cool 30 day Challenge HERE. Whether it is for 30 days, a week or 1 day. If it’s new then it’s worth trying.

6. Off Road Motorcycling: Nothing like a bit of Enduro to get the adrenaline going.


Having ridden off-road motorcycles since I was 11 years of age I can heartily recommend trying a bit of Motocross and Enduro at Wheeldon Farm. This place has all the facilities you could ever need to learn the skills necessary. They cater for absolute beginners to experienced riders. All the gear and bikes are there ready to hire and they even have luxury accommodation so you can make a weekend of it. You won’t regret this, it is serious fun.

7. Zumba: Get mega fit and toned whilst basically having a giant party.

Fitness dance

Haha! Ok I will admit I have never actually done Zumba but I’ve heard it’s awesome. In my opinion anything that makes a work-out super fun has got to be blinding. It works by mixing high and low intensity level exercise to create an interval style training. All to latin and World rhythms (I read that bit). Let’s face it – if you struggle with getting fit, but want to nail it,  then this Zumba lark looks like the ticket. Get fit and make it fun.  I’m not sure where you go to do Zumba but THIS PLACE looks like it does.

8. Learn a Language: TB4Js don’t have to be action packed – but who knows where this will take you?


I’ve yet to conquer this one myself. My spluttering of French I learnt at school has all but gone. I discovered that when I visited Paris with my wife. It was whilst I was there I imagined how amazing it would be to speak another language. Could you do it? Certainly not an easy task but a truly admirable test for the budding linguist out there. Maybe let our No3 TB4J help you make the plunge and start those language classes.

9. Rally Car: Take a full-on rally car for a spin and test your driving limits.


Any time I’ve driven across a grassy field or been on a quiet road dusted in fresh snow then the temptation to try a bit of drifting is hard to resist. Imagine how cool it would be to have the skills to do it properly. Rally Schools like this one are the fastest route to discovering if you have the skills of Colin McRae. Personally I’ve done some track days at Mercedes Benz World over the years, they were absolutely awesome. I imagine Rally would be much the same.

10. Try: Decide to try and just see how much you achieve.


When I first challenged myself to TryBeforeJuly, that was my goal. To get up each morning and Try. Whether it was a good day or a bad day. I wanted to make sure I gave, and would continue to give each day my best. It’s such an obvious statement but reminding myself to try hard every day really helps me achieve the things I want from life. #TryBeforeJuly